Spiral Garden Design

Spring is still far, but there are some ideas for your garden that you can think about in the meantime. If you want to add something new to your garden now is the time to plan it, so that when the spring comes you are prepared to start.
How about your own vertical flower or herb spiral garden? This is a space saving design that can be made quite easily. Spiral gardens need little maintenance and if you plant herbs, they will be there all year round.
The idea behind the herb spiral gardens that many people like so much is that they get a dedicated area for herbs in which they can have quite a lot of different ones in the same place. With the differences in height and sun exposure you create several different environmental conditions, which would not be otherwise possible in a small garden. Because it is so compact, the spiral garden makes watering and harvesting quite easy.
The first step when building a spiral garden is to find the best position for it and gather the materials. It takes approximately one day to build a spiral garden from scratch. Construction materials vary according to your preferences. You garden can be made of bricks, stones and decorated in different ways.
Starting on this project is easy. You always start with a spiral bed, which is held together by a rock, brick or any other material which absorbs the heat of the sun during the day and heats the soil. After that you build your way around till you get the size of spiral you would like to have.
When it comes to planting, a great benefit of the spiral is that it will allow you to position your plans according to how much sunlight and shade they require.
Think about all the things you would like to do in your garden in Spring, this will motivate you to get it all done and the thought of a beautiful garden will make the cold months pass faster.


Herb garden


Flower brick spiral


Spiral plants


Raised spiral garden

spiral construction

Spiral construction

spiral garden

Brick spiral garden

spiral garden_

Different spiral gardens

spiral herb garden

Spiral herb garden

spiral herb

A spiral garden is easy to make


Mini spiral garden made with round stones

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