Pet Friendly Interiors

Pets are also members of the family and instead of limiting their pets in the yard; many owners are designing their living spaces with the pets in mind. Pet-friendly decorating has become a popular trend. Having a beautiful home and a pet seems easy, just take your pet’s needs in consideration while decorating and furnishing. An animal friendly house is said to be more comfortable for children and guests too.
Of course having a pet indoors requires some extra maintenance efforts. Invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner and use it regularly to remove animal hairs.
It is important to train your pet and socialize with it as this will minimize conflicts when you share a space. Keep your home clutter free and place valuables in high or lock cabinets, so that they do not get damaged by your cat or dog. You can get them some toys for them to play with.
Consider your pet when choosing fabrics and materials for your home. Choose resistant and non-stain fabrics which are easy to clean. Suitable fabrics for pet owners are leather,ultrasuede and faux leather. If your pet sleeps with you invest in a mattress protector and washable bed linen.
Bare floors are great for pet owners, because they are easy to clean and do not absorb odors and hairs like carpets do. Of course if you want to add interest to your floor, you can choose painted concrete, hardwood or ceramic tile.
Set up a little animal space close to the entryway or other suitable spot in your home. Pets need their own space too with the bed and toys. There are so many ways to create a beautiful spot for your cat or dog. Shop around for a nice bed or make it your next DIY project.
Pets make us laugh and are a great companion, so we need to take them into consideration when moving to a new place. They have their own needs and living together will be easier and much more fun if everybody had their own private space.

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Pet design


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