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Reclaimed Shutter Shelves

Reclaimed Shutter Shelves With a little bit of effort and a nice dose of imagination, you can offer to the reclaimed shutters a new and happy life as pretty, stylish shelves for your house. If you are a fervent protector of the environment and a fan of recycling or if you simply love making your own furniture and not always buying everything, you would love the idea of reusing old shutters. The shape of the shutter and the fact that it is made of wood makes it convenient and easy to work with. Lets say, you have just decorated the baby’s room but you realize that the wall above the large white drawer looks kind of ...
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Modern Beach Houses

Modern Beach Houses A modern beach house stands for luxury, exquisite architecture and high quality of life. Or, in other words, it stands for amazing beauty and a total delight. If you are among the lucky ones who are planning to spend their vacation in a modern beach house or you are even luckier and you are considering buying one, here is a slight preview of what you might expect. Modern architecture is about simplicity, light, straight lines, and space. A modern beach house is generally no more than two stories high with a flat roof and floor-to-ceiling windows allowing all the natural light from the beach ...
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Lavender Themed Decorations

Lavender Themed Decorations Lavender themed decoration is elegant, romantic and relaxing. When the gentle lavender perfume fills the house you immediately feel its calming and purifying effect. The name of this popular Mediterranean herb comes from the Latin word “lavenders” meaning “to wash”. From its very root, Lavender brings freshness to your home and the beauty of its delicate color. An easy way to make a nice decoration with lavender participation would be to combine its odorous dried flowers with the lights of candles. Fill two or three large stemless wine glasses with dried lavender flowers and place a t...
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Impressive Outdoor Food Displays

Impressive Outdoor Food Displays There are many impressive ways to display the food at your outdoor party. You can choose a theme or a leading color and arrange everything around it, including the snack or just organize the bites, cakes and fruits in beautiful shapes and color combinations and you have a cool party decoration. What could be more impressive than to transform a wooden boat into a food buffet for your nautical themed party. A small boat in your garden provides a very convenient space for the placement of large wooden or metal trays covered with sandwiches and other snack. You can also add an antique looking wat...
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Hanging Plants Decoration

Hanging Plants Decoration Hanging plants decoration is a beautiful and space saving way to bring life and color to your living room, terrace or porch, or to embellish the walls of your house. There are few things you might need to consider while choosing the plants for your hanging basket. Some plants need more light than others. Thus, you’d need to think of the right place to install your hanging plant: would it be by the window, on the terrace or in a more remote corner of the room. Consider also the space you have at your disposition: some plants, like ivy, for instance, will grow nice and long, hanging well over...
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